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universidad de El Salvador. Facultad de Ciencias y Humanidades


AdvenTour Travels and Tours Chalatenango is an idea that was born when we realized the natural wealth that the department of Chalatenango has, where we can find different tourism destinations that adjust to the different interests and types of tourists. That is why as founders of AdvenTour Travels and Tours Chalatenango we decided to create our company focused on showing the world the natural, cultural, and gastronomic wealth of the department and obtain economic benefits by doing what we love and showing how beautiful our department is. For this reason, we set out to find the best tourist destinations in our department, places where you can go hiking, enjoy a warm climate, and have wonderful views where tourists can enjoy a wonderful experience with family or friends while being in contact with nature. In addition, by traveling with AdvenTour Travels and Tours Chalatenango, tourists will have the opportunity to visit towns where our tourist destinations are located, as well as, learn about their history, local legends, and gastronomy.


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Travels, Adventours, Chalatenango, Tourism destination and nature


Rauda Muñoz, M. E. y Rivera Argueta, K. L. (2023). AdvenTour Travels and Tours Chalatenango. (Tesis para optar Licenciatura en Lenguas Modernas Especialidad en Francés e Inglés). Universidad de El Salvador Facultad de Ciencias y Humanidades.